The Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC may be the finest Digital to Analog
Converter on the market  today.

Incorporating  the  ESS Technology 9018 32 bit DAC chip eliminates the
discussion that digital has a long way to go before it can ever become
the standard against analog playback. With the Dynamic Range of
129dB,and a staggering Frequency Response from 15Hz-32KHz every note
is beautifully portrayed.

Many early digital recordings while considered being State Of The Art
back then upon their release were in fact just in their infancy of
superior playback in the digital realm.Today’s technology far exceeds
what was thought possible even 5 years ago. Into the future we embark
with Eastern Electric leading the way.

The Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC was engineered with the best of both
worlds envisioned with its output being selectable between Tube and
solid state. A 12au7 tube was employed in the amplification stage not
just as a tube buffer for a true tube output. The results, are
stunning realism presented in vocals, wood bodied and brass
instruments. Deep articulate bass with silky extended highs. Alex
Yeung and his team engineered this DAC to bring you the absolute best
in digital playback. This is the future of what is possible!

With its four digital inputs besides the USB input you will be covered
using just about any source on the market today.
With Sampling rates of 32bit,32KHz,44.1KHz,48KHz and 192KHz  all formats
of digital conversion are at your finger tips. Worried about a recording
not being in phase, worry no more as the MiniMax DAC has Phase In and
Phase out select ability.

We would like to Thank you for your support of Eastern Electric
components over the years. We will continue to engineer the most musical
and affordable audio components that are available today. We love the
fact that you must agree with us by the glowing reviews and feedback the
Eastern Electric MiniMax line of products has received.


Frequency Response : 15Hz – 32KHz
Sampling rates : 32bit 32KHz 44.1KHz 48KHz 192KHz (except USB)
Dynamic Range : 129dB
Digital Input Impedance : 75 ohm
Output Impedance : Tube 22K
Solid State 10K
Output Voltage : Tube 3V +- 0.5dB
Solid State 2.5V +-0.5dB
S/N ratio : Tube 90dB
Solid Sate 95dB
THD : 0.5%(Tube) 0.02%(Solid State)
Dynamic Range : 129dB
Power Consumption : 12W
Main Voltage : 120V, 230V, 240V switchable
G.W. : 4.3kgs
N.W. : 3kgs


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