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Eastern Electric Audio
If you are using a solid-state amp now and wonder why your music experience doesn't draw you in or doesn't have the tone characteristic of a live concert, what you are likely missing is the pleasurable warmth that only tubes provide.

We have selected the highest quality parts and transformers made especially for his statement design of the Eastern Electric M520 integrated amp.

The 12AU7 used as the phase splitter was an obvious choice as there are just too many vintages of this tube that excels in tone and are relatively inexpensive to try different vintages. The 12AX7 was chosen for the 1st driver stage, as this tube is not equaled by any for its sheer smooth warm tonal characteristic.

The 5AR4 rectifier for each channel brings only what tube rectification can achieve and clearly surpasses any hybrid/solid-state rectifier. The GZ34/5AR4 is the finest rectifier ever made and many current production tubes sound so wonderful that not to use this glorious rectifier is almost a sin.

When it comes to members of the 6L6 tube family, there has been none better in tonal qualities then the EL34. Almost every electric guitar amp ever built uses this tube and the reasons are plenty. Tone, Tone, Tone. They just convey the music, punchy yet warm with second order harmonics that the brain relates to as music.

With the design of the M520 we believe we have taken this circuit to reveal the absolute best musicality you will find.


Full function remote control.
Class A operation (best sounding configuartion)
Pentode/UL convertion (gives different power and tonalities)
Negative Feedback Adjust
(3 leves you can choose for different damping factors for best match of your speakers)
Tape loop (it is the output paralleled to the input source that you can connect your tape deck or MD deck for recording or you can send signal from this output for your sub woofer)


Power Output:
2 x 24W RMS (8O, Pentode)
2 x 18W RMS (8O, Ultra Linear)
-Frequency response : 15Hz~35kHz
-THD : 1% at 1kHz
-S/N ratio : 82dB
-Input sensitivity : 160mV
750mV (Pre-in)
-Input impedance : 220kO
-Output impedance : 8O,16O
-Power requirement : AC 230V5%, 50~60Hz
-Weight : 22.5 kg
-Dimension : 412 x 185 x 415mm (WHD)
-Power consumption : 220W
M520 Integrated Amplifier