We are proud to bring you the latest piece in the MiniMax series line of components. Your turntable will bestow countless hours of musical satisfaction and pleasure once connected to the phono stage that is redefining the term "State Of The Art".

Even in the calm of the evening spinning your favorite artist on vinyl, the MiniMax will have your feet tapping like no other phono stage you have ever heard. Dynamic yet sweet with clarity focusing on the musicians playing in the soundstage of the performance.

The EEMM Phono preamp was carefully engineered. Only the highest quality electrical parts were matched and selected for use in its solid construction. Our phono preamp is hand-assembled by highly trained, experienced builders and is sure to bring years of listening enjoyment.

The MiniMax Phono Stage is a sophisticated all tube high end phono stage equipped with the highest quality permalloy core MC step-up transformers. With 57dB of gain, it will drive the most demanding of low output MC cartridges with ease.

All tubes are carefully selected and screened for low noise and microphonics to insure the quietness of blacker backgrounds.

The new Eastern Electric Minimax Phono preamp, setting a new standard for value in high end audio.


Nominal input sensitivity: MM 15mV / MC 4mV
Maximum Input: MM 150mV / MC 40mV
Nominal Output: 2000mV
Maximum Output: 20V
Gain (1 KHZ) : MM 42dB / MC 57dB
Input resistance: 47K ohms (MM) 100 ohms ( MC high ) 47 ohms ( MC low )
Signal to Noise: MM 90dB / MC 87dB
Distortion: 0.1 %
Frequency response: +0dB / -25dB 10Hz-25KHz
Power consumption: 15VA
Measurement: 12.5 inches w/ 8.5 D/ 5.0 H
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MiniMax Phono Stage